What is Public Relations?

Explore how PR can Support your Business

Public relations or PR focuses on fostering a positive image for businesses, organizations and individuals. PR professionals develop publicity campaigns and formulate communication strategies for their clients to increase awareness and positive sentiment. In more traditional forms of PR, practitioners achieve these goals by executing media relations and internal and external communication plans. Today, public relations combines modern tactics in addition to traditional press coverage. PR may utilize blogs, social media, digital marketing, influencer partnerships, community relations, events, creative activations and more to share clients’ stories. 

Interested in learning more about how PR works and what it can do for a budding business? Read on!

  • You may be thinking, what’s the difference between PR and advertising? It’s a common misconception that the two can be used interchangeably. Public relations and advertising have a crucial distinction in that public relations is earned coverage and advertising is paid media. Advertising is communicated directly to the public and focuses mostly on earning sales. The goal of PR is to create buzz about a business without paying a publication to talk about it, but rather the outlet shares the brand because they are genuine fans of it and think it deserves coverage. This genuine endorsement gives brands invaluable third-party validation, creates brand awareness, often leading to an increase in sales.
  • PR is also a valuable tool for launching a local business to national success. For instance, last year here at Rev, we were able to secure local brewery Silver City 13 national media hits totaling over 35 million impressions! These media hits such as articles in Forbes, Brewer Mag, and more were essential for getting Silver City’s name out there quickly and effectively as well as supporting their efforts to expand distribution. 
  • Additionally, PR adds value to a business by making connections with influencers and growing a brand's social media presence. PR agencies create close relationships with influencers, providing a large network of potential endorsers. Working with a PR agency to identify which influencers to partner with ensures alignment between the brand and influencer’s values, resulting in a mutually beneficial partnership. Influencer relations are a great way to gain quick exposure for a brand while simultaneously building a social media following. For example, when an influencer posts a product and tags the brand, followers of the influencer will be directed to the brands’ page, often leading to an increase in followers and engagement for the brand. 

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