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OULA’s Stylish Apparel Shines

In 2020, fashion mindsets shifted as abruptly as our day-to-day lives, with consumers suddenly seeking WFH comfort above all else. The OULA Company, an African American, female-founded, sustainable fashion brand with beautiful, versatile trans-seasonal dresses, was well-poised to provide lounge-worthy pieces perfect for everything from Zoom calls to outdoor lunch dates. 

When OULA pivoted early in the pandemic to produce stylish, striking face masks as well, Revolution saw the opportunity to position the brand as a must-have for our new normal — and one day, for all of life’s adventures that call for fashion and comfort to work hand in hand. 

Activating a three-month PR campaign to introduce OULA to target national fashion, lifestyle and business media, Revolution landed the brand in top-tier publications like New York Magazine’s The Strategist, NYLON, Buzzfeed, Seventeen, InStyle and The Zoe Report. By leveraging a strong network of media relationships, underscoring brand values including sustainability and commitment to longevity vs. fast fashion, and utilizing timely hooks like seasonality, COVID and comfort, Revolution secured 10 media mentions exceeding 39 MILLION impressions. 

As a result of media buzz generated and sustained over our 12-week engagement period, OULA landed its dresses in Garmentory, a top boutique fashion multi-vendor marketplace, and secured a Nordstrom popup, further increasing brand visibility and sales potential. The company also benefited from a boost in SEO that only legitimate backlinks from authoritative sources can provide. 

Like many brands, OULA’s 2020 path was full of challenges and changes, and Revolution was there to offer expert guidance, crucial connections and ultimately share in the brand’s triumphs despite a universally trying year.