Influencers using their platform to make an impact

Gone are the days when influential people were allowed, and often encouraged, to remain neutral in conversations around social issues. It’s 2020 -- meaning younger generations admire and engage with influencers who use their voice and stand for something. Many well-known social media figures are stepping up to the plate, and not simply because it could hurt their image to stay quiet, but because it’s more important in this moment than ever before. Read on for a few of our favorite influencers who are using their platform for social, environmental and political good!

@asabree: Asa’s nail art isn’t the only thing making a statement on her account -- she is a vocal supporter of BLM and LGBTQ rights. Many of her posts rally in support of these social issues by providing resources to her followers.

@iamtabithabrown: Tabitha Brown is everyone’s favorite vegan foodie and self-love influencer, and she’s not afraid to use her voice encouraging people to vote and take care of themselves from within.

@ihartericka: To say Ericka Hart is an inspiration would be a complete understatement! This influencer with a Master’s degree in Education tells her personal story of surviving breast cancer and fights for social justice through her posts, giving hope and encouragement to her followers.

@she_colorsnature: Chelsea uses her voice to advocate for diversity in the outdoors and pushes for her followers to be actively anti-racist. We love her passion, strength, and message -- click follow!

@ayanaeliza: Dr. Johnson sheds light on the climate change crisis, especially fighting for the health of our oceans. She brings expertise to her followers and reiterates that the future of our environment carries a heavyweight during this election.

@iamrachelricketts: Rachel’s content is inclusive, inspiring, and incredibly important, so give her a follow to be reminded of the most important current social issues. This influencer is not afraid to be straightforward -- the kind of wake-up call that all of our IG feeds could use!

@amberscloset: If you want unique and cool style inspo, humor, and social activism, this account has it all! Amber is one of our favorites because she genuinely shows her passion for equality and isn’t afraid to be herself.

Who on your feed is speaking up for good? Tag us in their posts on Instagram so we can follow along!