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Coltiva Pizzeria e Barra Serves Up an Authentic Italian Experience

+12 million impressions | 7 media hits | 9 influencers | 100% appetites satisfied!

Coltiva Pizzeria e Barra is an Italian restaurant in Queen Anne, Seattle. The menu features authentic Italian recipes crafted from the highest quality ingredients, including hard cheeses from producers in Sardinia; organic, farm-grown Oregon tomatoes; and humanely raised beef from Nehalem ranch. We partnered with Coltiva to tell its unique story, promoting its opening and building local awareness and excitement. Our strategy hinged on creating an experience for local media reporters and select influencers coupling a delicious dinner with the opportunity to meet the passionate owner Garrett McAleese, also a co-owner of Kells Irish Brewery and Restaurant in Portland, Oregon. Coltiva was featured in top-tier local publications, such as the Seattle Times, Seattle Refined on KOMO News, Seattleite, Eater Seattle, Eat Seattle and What’s Up Northwest. Influencers also raved about Coltivia’s delicious Italian food and warm and welcoming ambience, garnering over 12 million impressions. Buon appetito!