4 PR Strategies To Get Coverage for your App

If you’re a startup in need of publicity, it can seem like a daunting task to get press coverage for your app. However, there are strategies and tactics new apps can prioritize to get the exposure needed to grow their business. Here are four public relations strategies to implement when launching an app: 

  1. Secure media interest

It is crucial to gain visibility within your industry as your app hits the market. Connecting with journalists that write for relevant media outlets is a great way to get your name out there while fostering relationships with people who can continue to amplify your brand as you keep growing. An important element of media relations for apps is to offer trials to interested journalists, so they can experience your app first hand, and be sure to update them whenever there are new features added to keep reporters interested and your app top of mind.

Similarly, by securing print, online and broadcast coverage in well-known publications, you are earning reviews and testimonials from reputable sources your intended audience trusts. Receiving this third-party verification is extremely valuable because it helps introduce your brand as trustworthy and effective while exemplifying your app’s functions without users having to pay to try it themselves. Be patient and persistent when working to secure media coverage -- it can take a few months to see results, but all good things take time!

  1. Reach out to relevant publications for social media features

When it comes to social media partnerships, people tend to focus on influencers, forgetting major media outlets and brands also have large followings and communities on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. You can gain instant exposure via Instagram takeovers, reshares, posts, and more by connecting with social media managers for accounts such as Allure, Bon Appetit, and Refinery 29 to name a few.

To run a powerful Instagram takeover, start by finding the right contacts, and pitch them unique takeover ideas that help your brand stand out. Be sure to include in your pitch that you will promote the takeover on your own profile, introducing your followers to the outlet so they gain exposure simultaneously. The takeover or social media partnership should be mutually beneficial.

  1. Partner with other brands on social media

A great way to gain exposure is by partnering with brands that emulate your vision and style and align with your goals as a company. Offering discount or referral codes for each other's followers, shared giveaways, and more are helpful tactics for gaining exposure and social media followers. This is a proven method for gaining impressions from potential customers outside your network that are already interested in similar or complementary products.

  1. Partner with a PR agency

Partnering with a PR agency is a secure way to gain earned media impressions quickly and effectively. The benefits of working with an established agency include access to media contacts and existing relationships, expert marketing suggestions and adding an extended team of professionals to help shape and tell your brand’s story. See how we were able to help StretchIt earn over four billion (yes!) media impressions for their app.

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