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Parker Management Shines as Influencer Industry Grows Rapidly

Lindsay Nead, CEO and founder of Parker Management, is shaping the way influencers and brands collaborate. They form only the most mutually beneficial partnerships based on transparency; an open dialogue between clients and brands; and a strong foundation to bridge the gap between influencers, social media platforms and brands. Working in the influencer industry ourselves, we understood the impact that partnering with the right social media star could have on a business and couldn’t wait to share Lindsay’s story.

When the pandemic began, Revolution realized the exponential power of influencer marketing in our new normal because of its ability to reach people in their homes. Lindsay was the perfect person to share insight with reporters at national trade and business publications and more broadly to entrepreneurs, CEOs and up and coming influencers via social media channels. 

Revolution partnered with Lindsay to share her insights and Parker Management’s valuable work. Our goal was to educate leaders on the impact that influencer partnerships can have on a business, establish Lindsay publicly as a leading expert in social media and influencer relations and Parker Management as the company brands and influencers go to first. 

Revolution secured three national media hits in Business Insider and BizWomen, one blog feature and one contributed article resulting in 190 MILLION+ impressions. She’s shared insight on a variety of influencer marketing topics related to how brands are shifting influencer marketing during COVID and the rise of TikTok.

With everyone at home and events canceled, Rev pivoted from securing in-person speaking engagements to virtual opportunities by identifying a unique way for Lindsay to share expertise via Instagram takeovers. We coordinated with two well-respected organizations, Create & Cultivate and BlogHer, which have a combined following of 763,100, for Lindsay to speak to influencers, entrepreneurs and brands alike. 

Our adaptability, media relationships and ability to identify out-of-the-box opportunities for our clients enabled us to successfully showcase Lindsay as a thought leader in the influencer space.