Our Favorite TikTok Influencers

We’ve all done it -- scrolled mindlessly through TikTok, consuming endless content and wondering where the time went once we look up from our phones. But don’t feel guilty, because many of the apps’s top influencers are constantly sharing sustainability inspo, much-needed humor, pushing for social justice, and providing raw entertainment that we need during this time.

Below, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite TikTok-ers whose videos both inspire us and have us scrolling for hours!

  • @jesswithless: This influencer serves up some serious sustainability inspo through her informative videos. Finding cute and trendy home decor is a breeze, if you can thrift as well as Jess!
  • @amandamoseguera: While most of us have been grounded in our homes for the past few months, this flight attendant has us living vicariously through her behind-the-scenes videos. She cleverly shows the measures being taken to ensure safe travel for all (#wearamask, please!)
  • @whatsonvisface: Need a laugh and skincare advice? Look no further than this often hilarious yet super helpful account that doesn’t mess around when giving honest tips and reviews of skincare products.
  • @acteevism: Forget fast fashion -- this influencer shows us how upcycling and recycling old clothes can make you a sustainable fashionista in no time! Megan answers all our questions about how to be a conscious consumer.
  • @katyaniomi: Katya gives the best advice on POC-friendly skincare. Her skincare routines are ah-mazing, not to mention her skin is absolutely flawless!
  • @reneeroaming: It’s important to stay home and be safe, but Renee shows us how activities like hiking and backpacking in nature can be safely distanced from others and a great way to spend the day!

Who are your favorite Tik Tok influencers? Share with us on Instagram and Twitter!