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Arvin Goods Redefines What Makes a Really Good Sock

The health of our planet is top of mind, and finally getting the attention it deserves as consumers make more mindful choices. While large apparel companies are touting their “sustainable” lines and products to appeal to new consumer buying habits, Arvin Goods is moving the apparel industry away from traditional manufacturing practices by providing consumers with an effortlessly impactful and simply responsible apparel alternative — allowing the wearer to make both a fashion and value-based statement. 

We set out to share Arvin Goods’ story of responsibility, innovative manufacturing process and laid-back, uber-cool style with reporters, writers, editors and freelancers at target local and national media outlets. Seeding product with reporters allowed them to experience Arvin’s high-quality apparel first hand, creating genuine fans of the brand who were eager to share it with their readers. 

During the first five months of our partnership, we secured 16 press hits in top publications including, local coverage in Seattle Refined and KOIN TV, and national coverage Tree Hugger, Complex, The Strategist, GQ, Gear Patrol, and more, resulting in 77.8 M impressions

In tandem with traditional media relations, we activated a robust influencer marketing plan to introduce potential new brand fans to Arvin Goods and drive product sales. Through customized outreach and existing influencer relationships, we secured 5 grid posts, 6 stories and 1 TikTok video (all earned) from 10 different influencers turned genuine Arvin Goods fans. These earned posts reached an audience of 110.7k Instagram and TikTok followers!

Press coverage and social posts secured led to an increase in brand recognition, boost in SEO ranking and established founders Dustin Winegardner and Harry Fricker as leaders in the eco-conscious fashion space.