3 Tips to Shop More Sustainably

Reducing your impact on the environment is easy when shopping with these tips

Now more than ever, consumers are using their purchasing power to support brands that align with their sustainable values and reduce their environmental impact. If you’re looking to be a more conscious consumer, here are three tips for making sustainable shopping choices. 

1Buy in Bulk!

Buying bulk is an easy way to sustainably shop and help the environment by reducing transportation costs and packaging (plus save some money!). You can easily control the exact amount purchased, limiting the number of trips to the store and excess waste from unused products.  

We love Town & Country Markets if you're in the PNW for its extensive bulk selection supporting local growers, or Boxed for an online option that ships nationally!

2. Buying Plastic-Free and Refillable Products

Plastic-free and refillable products also minimize our individual carbon footprints. From product design to disposal, these goods take less resources to make and aren't tossed out as often as single-use items.

Some favorites are Public Goods & Services in Seattle and Package Free Shop with a variety of zero-waste products to easily reduce our plastic consumption!

3. Buying Pre-Owned & Resale

It's tempting to buy products brand new, but oftentimes you can find what you're looking for secondhand. Buying pre-owned gives new life to things no longer serving their purpose. It also reduce the emissions put out by mass manufacturing and waste going to landfills.  

And when it’s time to part ways with your things , reselling your stuff is a great option to re-home what isn't bringing you joy. Instead of letting it take up precious space, someone else will find use out of what you aren't and you'll make some extra cash! For what you aren’t able to sell, consider donating those items to a nonprofit or women’s shelter. 

If you're in Portland, Sella is an amazing new resale service that sells your stuff for you. Sella’s experts handle everything needed to sell your things, you just cash your check!

Ready to be a conscious consumer and make more sustainable shopping choices? Check out our blog posts on sustainable active wear, subscription boxes and bedding for more tips. Let us know how you’re shopping more sustainably on Instagram or Twitter!