5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Mentor

Mentors are a highly valuable way to further your productivity and career goals. They can support and work with you on a myriad of skills, like expanding your network, boosting your confidence, and goal setting. 

Find the top five things we consider when choosing a mentor as women at various ages and stages in our careers below.

Have an Open Mind

When finding a mentor, expand beyond people who have held your position, supervised you and those who work or have worked in your field or industry.

Consider Diversity When Choosing a Mentor

By choosing someone different from you, you’ll gain insight into new ways of thinking, diverse perspectives, approaches and life experiences.

Allow Your Mentor to Become Your Champion or Your Advocate

The best mentors will connect you to the people you need to know, guide your professional decisions and help you navigate.

Find a Mentor that Can Lead You to Larger Opportunities

Share your goals and big ideas with your mentor and ask them how they can support you in reaching them. Ask for connections, organizations to join and strategies they’ve used to achieve their own successes. 

Network Online to Find Your Mentor

COVID forced us to do everything online, and one positive is that we now have a deep understanding of digital networking. If you can’t go to in-person events, don’t fret! Networking online can be just as effective in finding a mentor. 

Another great tip: mentoring relationships are not one-size-fits-all. They can be a one-time phone call, a month-long engagement or a lasting relationship. It’s up to you and your mentor!What questions do you have about finding a mentor?

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