Public Relations Intern: A Day in the Life – WFH Edition

WFH is the new normal. To give you a peek inside what that looks like for us, we're sharing a day in the life as an intern at Revolution PR -- remote edition!

As interns, we're largely responsible for working with the team on media relations -- in other words, being a news junkie and lots of writing! Media relations involves news auditing, coverage tracking, compiling media lists, and pitching relevant reporters with timely hooks to secure coverage for our clients. We also support the team on social media and influencer marketing research. We also strategize and create engaging blog and social media content for all of Revolution’s platforms. This ensures our agency remains social-media savvy.

Checking one item off a to-do list, like a quick workout, before hoping online leads to a more productive workday. Getting our blood pumping makes a drastic difference in energy levels. A 10-minute ab routine or stretch session goes a long way! Establishing a varied routine centered around wellness makes each day seem less like the movie “Groundhog Day.”

What our day looks like - WFH

To start the day, we like to give ourselves a few minutes to organize / plan and check emails. Detailed and varied to-do lists that set specific intentions are a necessity! As PR professionals, we are constantly juggling long to-do lists, from media outreach to influencer marketing to social media planning. It’s easy to get distracted if you don’t have a plan. Time-blocking and focusing on one client at a time keeps our minds sharp, our to-do lists manageable and ensures we meet or exceed every goal we set!

Throughout the day, we like to move around and change surroundings. Spending the whole day working in one spot is not a healthy or productive way to WFH and neither is staying inside all day. We find it important to take small breaks. Stretching, checking the mailbox, running across the street to pick up lunch, or walking the dog are all great ways to clear the mind.

WFH for a long period of time has made us realize self-care is a must! There’s nothing wrong with recognizing personal needs and organizing workdays accordingly. In the age of remote work consistent communication and support is everything. Each day brings new challenges, exciting wins, and fast-paced PR work. The best part is knowing that our clients align with our values, making a day in the life at Rev unique and rewarding.

Join our team!

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