The 3 Workouts to do this Winter

As winter rolls around and the cold sets in, you might find that your newfound COVID fitness routine is once again disrupted. And though it may be easy to shrug off a workout and opt for Netflix on the couch, staying active will be especially important for mental and physical health during these darker months. Physical activity can help with mental focus as many continue to WFH, and boost your overall mood. Below, we’ve compiled the three workouts that are perfect for this season. Once you find the activity you enjoy, make it a part of your routine for a happier and healthier winter!

1. Cycle inside! Choose from a number of stationary bikes and cycling apps.

Cycling is all the rage these days, and we’ve definitely hopped on the bandwagon (bike?). With apps like Peloton and Strava, it’s easier than ever to enjoy a sweat sesh with your favorite trainer virtually. Many of these apps also offer leaderboards for those with a competitive side to keep you on top of your game this winter. Another great part about the Peloton app, is that you don’t specifically need to splurge on an expensive Peloton bike! Simply find your favorite, most affordable alternative bike to mix and match equipment. The Peloton app also offers tons of exercise options besides cycling to keep your whole body feeling strong and healthy.

2. At-home stretching sessions to avoid the cold.

Staying active doesn’t need to be super intense! Stretching is one the easiest, low-impact ways to increase blood flow and energy, reduce stress, and stay limber. We highly recommend incorporating just a few minutes of stretches into your daily routine to ensure long-term health benefits that go beyond flexibility. If you don’t have a stretching routine, don’t sweat it. The StretchIt app is a great option to watch guided stretching videos that can be tailored to your personal level of flexibility. If you’re looking for something fun and engaging, StretchIt is offering a free splits workshop that anyone -- even those that can’t touch their toes -- can join. This workshop will help you improve your flexibility, learn proper splits stretching techniques and give you a chance to experience the full-body benefits of stretching. Participants will be entered to win a private class with a StretchIt instructor, a $100 StretchIt gift certificate or a $50 StretchIt gift certificate. The workshop is November 21st at 1 pm EST. Just follow this link to attend!

3. Layer up and go for a hike!

Hiking isn’t exactly new or innovative, but getting outside in the daylight is very important for combating mood swings. If the weather is decent enough, the mental and physical benefits of moving your legs are worth the extra effort and cold. Plus, hiking is a socially-distanced activity with beautiful sights. Our favorite way to stay warm is to throw on some of alder apparel’s Open Air pants. These super comfy, stylish, and size-inclusive pants are great for all outdoor activity. Some of our favorite local hikes include Comet Falls near Mount Rainier, Lake Colchuck, Twin Falls and Snow Lake.

Do you have any workouts you’re planning to do this winter? Let us know on Instagram and Facebook!