These Reusable Products Have Convinced Us That Anything Can Be Made Reusable

From reusable shopping bags to stainless steel water bottles, most of us (hopefully) are already opting for more sustainable options over single-use items. But what other single-use items can we replace to reduce our carbon footprint? Here at Rev, we are always looking for new and creative ways to be more eco-conscious, and just when we thought reusable couldn’t get any better, we discovered these unique reusable items that have convinced us otherwise. 

reusable, boba straw

Photo Credit: Boba Tribe 


If you’ve ever drank from a straw made of paper then you know the struggle. The straw completely deteriorates before you can even finish your drink, and sadly, the situation isn’t much better when it comes to drinking boba with a paper straw. That’s why we were elated to discover these reusable boba tea straws from bobatribe. The straw even comes in an adorable boba keychain case, making it that much easier to bring along with you wherever you like to drink boba! 

reusable, cotton swab, q-tip

Photo Credit: Last Object


We never thought that cotton swabs of all things could be made reusable but LastObject did just that. We love LastSwab Beauty for all our makeup needs. The reusable swab also comes in other varieties such as LastSwab and LastSwab Baby for ear cleaning and caring for more sensitive areas. Each swab saves the planet from approximately 1,000 single-use cotton swabs, but the best part is that each swab comes in a compact and easily transportable case made 100% from recycled ocean bound plastic. 

reusable, coffe, k cups, keurig


If you’re a coffee lover addicted to your single-cup coffee maker, then this product will change your life. Not only are these reusable K cups from iPartsPlusMore sure to save you from wasting thousands of single-use K cups, but you’ll no longer be limited to only choosing coffee grounds that come in a K cup! Put whichever coffee grounds are to your heart’s content in these reusable K cups. 

What’s the most unique reusable item you’ve found that has changed your life? Share it with us on Instagram!