10 Ways to Live More Sustainably

Celebrate Earth Day every day with these easy changes

Now more than ever, we are looking for simple ways to live more sustainably. Our team is committed to making small changes to decrease our environmental impact, encouraging others to do the same, and supporting brands and organizations that help us seamlessly make changes for a better future. 

To celebrate Earth Day, we’re sharing a few ways we reduce our impact daily:

  • Utilize food scraps. Save carrot leaves, wilting celery and other veggies by making a quick soup stock that can be frozen and used later
  • Transition storage and kitchen items to reusables including metal straws and stasher bags. And, as old plastic containers wear out, replacing them with glass counterparts which will last years vs. months
  • Strive to buy more in bulk! Before Coronavirus we refilled our commonly used items at stores like Public and Scoop as well as grocers like Central Co-op and PCC
  • Reduce plastic consumption by switching to shampoo bars from Ethique or HiBAR, bamboo toothbrushes and laundry strips from Well Earth Goods
  • Switch to all soap bars vs. pump hand soap
  • Support local small businesses with strong sustainability practices, like Renee Erickson’s restaurants, Homegrown, No Bones Beach Club and Eve Fremont  
  • Replace fast fashion shopping sprees with more thoughtful, long-lasting purchases, as well as first looking for items second-hand
  • Make your our own cleaning supplies – especially for things like wood surfaces and floors 
  • Drive less! Choose to walk, bike and when we can, bus more
  • Ditch disposables. We all love the convenience of Keurigs and coffee pods, but switching to French Press eliminates daily plastic tossing and tastes better!

What small changes have you made to reduce your environmental impact? We’d love to hear from you on Instagram and Twitter