5 Sustainable Influencers Who Inspire Us

Influencers from around the world with a passion for sustainability and living a low-waste lifestyle.

As summer nears, we are all working to change our habits and live more sustainably. We’re constantly on the lookout for fresh and creative ideas on how to reduce our environmental footprint. That’s why today, we’re sharing six sustainable influencers who inspire us to put the planet first! 

Image from @nonlocal.joy on Instagram.


Allison, the woman behind @nonlocal.joy, is a watercolor artist and thrifter who shares her journey of transitioning into a low-waste, low-impact lifestyle. She shares great plastic-free alternatives and healthy recipes to help others along their journey to a more sustainable livelihood.

Image from @relauren on Instagram.


Lauren has married her passion for the earth and videography to advocate against climate change. She shares vegan recipes, her favorite eco-friendly products and ways to regenerate and reuse old items that would otherwise go to waste on her Instagram and TikTok. Lauren also emphasizes the health benefits that can be enjoyed from going vegan, which she has documented through her own father’s recent journey with veganism. 

Image from @sustainyrself on Instagram.


Twin sisters, Geevie and Sophia, share zero-plastic, low-waste, and plant-based life hacks. The duo posts DIY recipes for natural and waste-free beauty products and partners with sustainable brands to share their solutions with their followers. The duo has also created their own all-natural, zero-waste beauty brand where shoppers can purchase deodorant, lotion, tinted lip balm and more!

Image from @mostlyecomorgan on Instagram.


Morgan from Chicago, IL, believes that any piece of plastic from the grocery store can be repurposed and regularly publishes easy to follow how-to videos on her Tiktok. She also enjoys sharing her discovery of eco-friendly life hacks, which she has turned into a mini video series, “Trying Out Eco Hacks So You Don’t Have To.” 

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