Best Sustainable Activewear Brand

Meet alder apparel! The sustainable active-wear brand you've been waiting for

alder apparel is a new sustainable outdoor recreation brand that’s designed for adventure and everyday wear—especially since this defines pretty much every single day of our lives right now. 

alder believes that the outdoors are for everyone, not the select few. 68% of US women are size 16 or above, but most outdoor and athleisure brands only size up to sizes 12-18 (looking at you Lululemon, Outdoor Voices and Patagonia!) and depict outdoor recreation as performance-driven and hard core (think: climbing glaciers, running marathons!). This isn’t the reality for most women. 

alder co-founders Mikayla Wujec, a National Geographic Explorer and Sustainability Consultant, and Naomi Blackman, former Brand Strategist and Joe Fresh Marketer thought the outdoor space should celebrate every level of recreation, and all walks of women who enjoy the outdoors. alder offers inclusive sizing (0 - 30, twice the size range of most of their competitors) and is already loved by former bachelor contestant-turned-adventurist Sarah Herron, Cuban-American outdoor advocate Katie Boue and founder of Big Girls Climb Too, Samantha Ortiz. alder is shaking up the outdoor apparel industry with their sustainable and transparent production and playful brand that celebrates every level of recreation. 

This July, alder is releasing its new line of shorts and tanks for pre-order.

Image Courtesy alder apparel
Image Courtesy alder apparel