Stay (Active) at Home with the StretchIt App!

Meet StretchIt: our favorite fitness app to promote daily movement and increase overall energy!

At a time when most people are confined to their homes, it’s easy to forget small parts of your daily routine -- especially when it comes to moving your body. One of the simplest yet most rewarding keys to staying limber is stretching, yet we tend to brush it off because we only associate it with flexibility. But stretching is super important for improving posture and blood flow, as well as feeling more energized. Taking the time to squeeze in a daily stretch session will help you beat the WFH slump and pay off in the future!

So what’s our key to stretching at home? StretchIt! This unique fitness app makes the often dreaded task of working on flexibility fun and engaging. The program lets users choose their goal and creates a personalized training program that can help anyone reach that goal (front splits? No problem!). Even better, the subscription includes more than 40 hours of exercise videos and a calorie-burning tracker.

For some of us, even touching our toes seems like an intimidating or impossible feat. But StretchIt’s founders were in the same boat, and found that tailoring programs to each individual level of flexibility was the key to curing aches and pains. All it takes is one week to feel the benefits. And because fitness clubs remain closed or restricted, why not challenge yourself to a new and fun way of staying active?

We highly recommend downloading the app on iTunes or Google Play and stretching free for 7 days. Check out StretchIt’s blog to learn more tips and insights about the benefits of stretching.

If you try StretchIt, let us know on Instagram or Twitter! We'd love to hear what benefits you feel.