Brands that are encouraging people to vote!

As the presidential election looms large, with economic, social and health issues at stake, you may have seen an increased frequency in “VOTE” messaging from your favorite brands. Each and every vote counts, and spreading awareness is extremely important this month. Companies across a variety of sectors are using their influence to get people to the polls on November 3rd.

Keep reading for a few brands implementing creative and meaningful strategies to inspire people to vote!

Twenty Four 7. The agency’s Quarter Note is a comprehensive guide giving readers all the right tools to navigate this election season smoothly. For those who simply want to confirm their registration status or those who need an in-depth rundown of every relevant topic, TF7’s Quarter Note covers all the bases.

Wildfang. We already love this brand because they celebrate women and break down gender stereotypes. But even better, the clothing company has a page dedicated to making sure customers “just f*cking register” to vote. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Alleyoop. It took almost a century for women to be able to vote in the U.S. But in the 2016 election, more than half of non-voters were women. That’s why Alleyoop started the #Wontbe53 campaign to make sure this election doesn’t see the same stats. Here’s the best part: the brand, in partnership with, will give anyone who takes the pledge to vote a free Alleyoop product of their choice. If that’s what it takes to get people to use their voices, we’re all for it!

Patagonia. Okay, this might be the best brand campaign of them all. Patagonia is encouraging people to vote for the environment because our lives depend on it. The brand surprised customers with ‘vote’ tags on its Road to Regenerative Stand-Up Shorts, which are made from organic cotton farmed with eco-friendly practices.

Foot Locker. The iconic footwear brand has partnered with Rock the Vote to make it super easy for customers to register. The page is embedded directly into their website -- 2 minutes is all it takes! You can also check your registration status and sign up for helpful election reminders on the same webpage. So seamless!

Golde. This superfood-wellness brand’s products are amazing and natural, and we have a feeling their October vote campaign will be no exception. Watch out for a surprise item in any order placed this month!

Any election brand campaigns you’re loving? We’d love to hear about them on Instagram and Facebook!