How to Get Involved In Politics

It’s more than a year away, but already the 2020 election looms large. It’s hard to deny the weight of next November’s race, and our all-women office is certainly looking ahead with a healthy amount of trepidation—but also, with hope. We know the power of mobilization and exercising our voices, and today we’re sharing ways to make a difference politically, both in your community and nationally.

Learn who your elected officials are, and contact them: 

It may seem like right now, all eyes are on primary debates in advance of 2020’s primaries and caucuses which begin just five months from now, but don’t forget about the importance of local elections! You can find your House Representative here, or you can pull up a full list of your elected officials by address here

And now that you know who they are, reach out! Let them know your thoughts on big issues. Share your concerns. Tell them how they’re inspiring their communities, or respectfully hold them accountable if they don’t come through. It is their literal job to listen to you, so reach out often and make your voice heard!

Attend Town Hall meetings:
For a chance to meet with local legislators—and sometimes even members of the Congress—keep a pulse on Town Hall meetings, and attend! Get face time with the people who are representing you, participate in the Q&A to get clarity on the issues close to your heart, and learn about the concerns of your neighbors. These meetings are free, accessible and can help you become a more informed, involved voter.

Have ride-or-die candidate in mind? Put your boots to the ground and sign up to canvass on their behalf. You’ll go door-to-door to spread the word about why he or she is so awesome and ultimately garner the make-or-break support needed leading up to elections. And if you’re not into the face-to-face aspect of things? Most campaign offices also host regular phone banks.

Talk About The Issues Important To You:
Whereas once talking politics at the dinner table, during happy hour or at work was a major cultural faux pas, it’s clearer every day how important it is to pursue open, honest and respectful two-way dialogue. Despite our differences, we can all find common ground and cut through the often-muddled political discourse to have meaningful, impactful conversations. A podcast we’ve been loving that does just this is Make America Relate Again

Volunteer With Issues-Based Organizations:
The world of politics—from campaigning to elections to the day-today—can be overwhelming, and to be honest, isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The good news is, if knocking on doors and chatting politics with coworkers isn’t your idea of a great time, you can still make a difference by supporting the issues that are near and dear to your heart. Whether it’s immigration, climate change, gun control, mental health, taxes, race relations, or any plethora of topics, you can find organizations both locally and nationally working to make a difference. And even better, there are ways to support that fit into every schedule: you can make a donation, volunteer your time, sign petitions or fundraise.

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