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The Modern Dane’s Bedding of Your Dreams, That’s Better for the Planet

The Modern Dane’s sustainable, linen bedding captured the attention of sustainability, decor, home, and lifestyle reporters alike. Introduced as a Scandinavian-style, eco-friendly, alternative to the wasteful (and sometimes toxic) bedding we’re used to, The Modern Dane was featured in nine national publications and three local, resulting in a total of 130M+ impressions

During our eight-month campaign, Revolution secured national coverage for The Modern Dane in Well+Good, BuzzFeed, TreeHugger, Architectural Digest, Fast Company and other top-tier lifestyle, sustainability and home publications. Locally, we secured coverage in Seattleite Magazine and feature stories in Seattle Refined and 425 Magazine.

BuzzFeed’s Christine Forbes raved about the brand, writing, “I’ve kept these green sheets on my bed for the past month (washing them obviously) because I love them so much. You can tell that they’re quality from the second you touch them. The linen feels durable but gets softer with every wash. I get compliments on them all the time.” Her review serves as a powerful testament to how impactful seeding product with the right reporters can be for an up-and-coming brand!

Media coverage secured for The Modern Dane’s products and founder expanded brand awareness and educated readers on the importance of sustainable, high-quality bedding. It established third-party validation for the brand and its founder, positioning him as an expert in the bedding space. Allowing numerous key home / decor, design, lifestyle, and sustainability reporters to sample Modern Dane products throughout our partnership opened the door for the brand to earn additional coverage in the future.