5 Tips to Update Your Home for Spring

Spring is officially in the air, and it’s the perfect time to do a little spring cleaning and revamp your sanctuary. This doesn’t mean spending a fortune or using a fancy interior designer, you can make simple and small changes without much added cost that will completely transform the vibe of your home. Here are 5 tips to update your home for Spring.

  1. Flowers, flowers, flowers!

The ultimate and inexpensive way to make any home feel bright, lively and vibrant is by adding fresh flowers. How often do we mindlessly walk by the flower aisle of the grocery store without a second thought? Next time we encourage you to buy yourself flowers! Not only will they make your home spring and summer-ready, but they will also instantly lift your mood and the act of buying them is totally a form of self-care in our books. Seattle locals -- check out The Stemmery, a women owned bouquet subscription service. All local and ethically sourced! 

  1. Switch to linen or lighter sheets 

When you think about it, we spend half of our lives in our beds! Because of this, and the added importance of a good night's sleep, it’s crucial we make our beds as comfortable as possible. As the temperature warms up, a good way to do this is to switch to lighter linens that are breathable and won’t suffocate you in the heat. We love The Modern Dane’s linens! Made from 100% eco-friendly flax linen, they are thermoregulating, keeping us cool in the summer and cozy in the winter. 

  1. Deep clean your space

What’s a spring home update without a little spring cleaning? Decluttering and getting rid of trinkets, old clothing, expired pantry goods, papers/work supplies that you no longer use, and simply keeping your space minimal and tidy can elevate any space. Not to mention a clean space will put you in a fresh mindset totally ready for a new season. Portland readers -- have you heard of Sella? A new and improved way to sell second hand goods and make some additional cash from your spring clean out. If you don’t live in Portland, join Sella’s wait list to be the first to know when they’re in your town!

  1. Rearrange your room, office or living space 

After you’ve done a deep clean of your space, try switching around furniture, decorations and accents! This is a great way to get the feel of a fresh space without spending any money or buying anything new. Try moving your bed under a window or changing the way it's facing. You might be surprised that you sleep so much better, especially with new Modern Dane sheets!

  1. Paint a wall

Finally, a fun DIY project to do with family members, a partner or roommates is to paint your walls or just an accent wall. Sage green, lemon yellow and lavender are all popular spring colors for 2021. What’s great about painting projects is that if you end up not liking it or getting tired of it -- you can always paint over it! 

What spring home trends are you loving? Want more information on why we love The Modern Dane so much? Check out this blog post! For more spring upgrades check out the must-have additions to your spring/summer wardrobe!