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StretchIt Starts a Stretching Trend

14 National Media Hits | +4.7B Impressions | Invaluable Flexibility 

What do you get when an entire nation has to work from home?! Sore everything. Combine that with the closure of gyms and the need to create a workout routine at home and you get demand for fitness and wellness apps like the StretchIt App

That’s why when the women founders of StretchIt reached out to us to promote their app, we jumped at the chance to tell their story, and in the end became passionate fans ourselves. 

Revolution set out to introduce the brand, expand awareness and support growing the apps’ subscriber base. Our strategies employed curiosity and approachability to seed a budding  trend, while tapping into timely and relevant tentpoles to secure interest and app trial requests. 

Leveraging our national lifestyle, business, fitness and wellness media relationships and tuning into the timeliness of home workouts, Revolution secured 14 national media hits, exceeding 4.77 billion impressions! We knew as soon as they experienced it, they would fall in love — just like we did!

A POPSUGAR reporter raved about her experience in a featured app review and StretchIt’s founder and experts were interviewed by The Washington Post and Well+Good, sharing the importance of stretching and why StretchIt is the perfect tool for reaching flexibility goals.

StretchIt provided unique stretching routines for features in Golf Magazine, PureWow and Refinery29. The app was also included in fitness app roundups in AskMen and Business Insider and a gift guide in Prevention

In tandem with media relations, our team also coordinated with Social Media Managers at publications with large Instagram followings for StretchIt instructors to host IGTV or Story takeovers and be introduced to potential new users. As a result, StretchIt hosted a live class on @healthmagazine, shared a 14 slide workout in @purewow’s Stories and had a fun stretching video shared on @shapereaching a total of  2.8 million+ followers. 

The power of our PR efforts was amplified by providing the necessary validation for StretchIt to verify it’s Instagram account and organically boost their SEO ranking. Check it out for yourself! Give Google a search.

Did you know that along with flexibility, stretching also gives you energy? It’s how we crushed this project!