Women-Owned Fashion Brands to Shop this Women’s History Month

Celebrate Women's History Month with powerful women-led brands! Discover fashion brands with inspiring stories and exceptional products, each crafted with passion, purpose, and a commitment to making a difference. From sustainable initiatives to groundbreaking designs, these brands embody the strength, resilience, and creativity of women everywhere:

  1. OULA's founder and CEO, Erika Dalya Massaquoi, is a globetrotter and owns a closetful of vintage from around the world. OULA was created to remind us of the fashion feel of the 60s and 70s. Curate your luxury & leisurely look now! These mid-length dresses are stunners! Photo courtesy of OULA Instagram. 
  1. The Line by K, originated when previous fashion blogger-turned-designer, Karla Deras, felt the need to share her designs with other women. The Line By K has been a voice of self-love by providing high-quality pieces for any occasion without sacrificing comfort. 
  1. Kristen Dickerson, CEO and Founder of Raven + Lily is a thought leader in the ethical fashion industry. She created Raven + Lily with a mission to empower women through design by providing opportunities to at-risk women. 
  1. Amanda Searancke, Founder of Nui Organics created her brand on a culture of consciousness, community, transparency, and intentional design. All clothing is high-quality but lower-impact Merino wool and organic and their vision is for a world where there are sustainable solutions with respect for people and the planet. 
  1. MZ  Fair Trade creates handbags that are beautiful, ethical, and sustainable. Shelley Tennyson, founder of MZ Fair Trade connects consumers to talented artisans who specialize in Zapotec weaving in Oaxaca, Mexico. 
  1. Parade, founded by Cami Téllez at 22 years old, has found a beautiful balance between comfort and sustainability with its products. With a commitment to the planet, the brand crafts products from reclaimed, recycled, responsible, renewable, or regenerative materials. The brand prioritizes inclusivity and understands that everyone is different and wants different things. Parade values its community and asks what customers would like to see in future products. 

This Women’s History Month, what woman-owned brands will you support? If you’re looking for more cool brands to check out, make sure to read our blog highlighting N/A drinks and read our blog listing sustainable brands to shop. Be sure to follow us on Instagram at RevPR as well!