Sustainable Fashion Brands

Brands reshaping and rethinking the apparel industry one garment at a time.

Spring is here and that means switching our sweat sets and puffer jackets for floral dresses and sandals! Our team is passionate about both fashion and sustainability, so it is important for us to be mindful of our environmental footprint, especially in the way we shop and what we wear. We’re sharing our favorite clothing brands making a difference and shaking up the fashion industry.

The OULA Company

The OULA Company makes the most stunning traditional Ankara garments. The vibrant colors and unique patterns make each piece truly one-of-a-kind. In addition to the beauty of the garments, they are also individually hand-cut and sewn locally in the USA resulting in a lower carbon footprint. Everything is made in small batches ensuring minimal to no waste. In need of this gorgeous dress!

Amour Vert

Amour Vert, which translates to “Green Love” in English, is another team favorite. To eliminate excess waste and create sustainable clothing, their pieces are made in limited quantities in California and they work directly with mills to develop signature fabrics that are durable, soft and sustainable.


Veja is a sustainable brand that prioritizes ethical and eco-friendly practices in its production processes. They use organic cotton, recycled plastic bottles, and wild rubber from the Amazon rainforest to create their shoes. They also work with local communities to support positive social and environmental change. 


Pangaia is a sustainable fashion brand that focuses on environmentally friendly production methods and materials. They use eco-friendly materials such as recycled plastic bottles, seaweed fiber, and organic cotton to make their clothes. Pangaia also aims to reduce waste by using recycled packaging and minimizing the use of water and chemicals in their production processes. To top it all off, their clothes are so cute!

SoSo Swim

SoSo Swim is a swimwear brand that is committed to sustainability and reducing their environmental impact. They use recycled fabrics made from post-consumer plastic waste and fishing nets to create their swimsuits. Their dedication to sustainability is reflected in every aspect of their business, making them an inspiration to all clothing brands!

Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans is a Swedish denim brand that is committed to sustainability. They offer a range of products made from 100% organic cotton and use eco-friendly production methods to reduce their environmental impact. Additionally, they offer a free repair service for their jeans, encouraging customers to extend the life of their denim and reduce waste. Saving money and the planet! 

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is a sustainable activewear brand that prioritizes both people and the planet. They use recycled materials to create their products and have a closed-loop production system that minimizes waste. Additionally, they prioritize ethical manufacturing and ensure fair wages and safe working conditions for all workers. Through their sustainable practices, Girlfriend Collective proves that fashion can be both stylish and responsible.


Nuuly isn’t a clothing brand, but rather a monthly clothing subscription service taking clothing rental to a whole new level. The brand sends you your six selections monthly in a garment bag made from recycled water bottles, has invested in energy-efficient wet and dry-cleaning machines and uses environmentally friendly cleaning products. Did we mention the clothes are to die for?! They carry brands like For Love and Lemons, Free People and Anthropologie. If you haven’t hopped onto the Nuuly train, now’s the time!

Let's get inspired and continue choosing brands that are committed to creating a better future for all. Where are you shopping for sustainable spring clothing? Tell us on Instagram and Facebook!