Women-Owned Beauty Brands to Shop this Women’s History Month

Celebrate Women's History Month with powerful women-owned beauty brands to shop now! Discover inspiring stories and exceptional products from our favorite beauty brands: 

  1. Founded by Priscilla (P) Tsai, Cocokind puts sustainability front and center during all parts of the production process, from its ingredients to its packing. Now, after years of being in business, Cocokind can be found online as well as in stores like Target and Ulta. We are obsessed with the Youthful Duo. (Photo courtesy of CocoKind)
  1. Osea was founded three decades ago by women and is now run by founder and formulator, Jenefer Palmer and her daughter Melissa Palmer. Osea has been making clean beauty since 1996, is vegan and cruelty-free, climate-neutral certified and ocean-positive. (Photo courtesy of Osea)
  1. Autumn Blum, the CEO and Formulator at Stream2Sea, is an entrepreneur, cosmetic chemist, scuba diver, animal advocate, and ocean warrior. She continues to work harder than ever to create new products that are good for humans and the creatures in the sea! (Photo courtesy of Stream2Sea)
  1. True Botanicals was founded by Hilary Peterson who had a wake-up call and took a serious look at how she could support her health better. She created True Botanicals, a non-toxic, clean, and sustainable skincare brand founded by women and formulated bio-holistically to give your skin only the best. (Photo courtesy of True Botanicals)
  1. Born in New Zealand, Ethique was created by founder Brianna West who started in her kitchen making homemade products. Now, Ethique makes bar shampoos, conditioners, body products, face cleansers, moisturizers, and more. The best part? All products are verified as cruelty-free, vegan, and free of any palm oil derivatives. (Photo courtesy of Ethique)

This Women’s History Month, in addition to shopping these women-owned brands, what beauty brands will you support? If you’re looking for more cool blogs to check out, make sure to read our blog highlighting N/A drinks and our blog listing sustainable brands to shop. Be sure to follow us on Instagram at RevPR for more content like this!