Woman & BIPOC Owned Gifting Guide 2023

Celebrate the spirit of diversity and empowerment this festive season by choosing to support Female and BIPOC-owned companies. Elevate your gift-giving with products and services crafted with passion, skill, and a unique cultural perspective. Make a conscious choice to amplify voices that deserve to be heard, and join the movement towards building a brighter and more diverse future. Dive into our recommendations below to discover brands and companies dedicated to making a brighter future this holiday season! 

  1. The Oula Company 

OULA is more than fashion: it’s a commitment to sustainability and style. Founded by globetrotter, Erika Dayla Massaquoi, OULA embodies an elevated retro vibe reminiscent of the 60s and 70s to celebrate Black Joy as a timeless form of beauty. 

Their USA-made garments have a smaller carbon footprint, created under fair conditions. Focused on wearability and the perfect fit, OULA crafts trans-seasonal garments that are versatile, cater to diverse body types, and are influenced by the Black is Beautiful movement. 

  1. Portmanteau Home

Portmanteau Home was founded by Sunyoung (Sunny) Hong, a Kenyan-born Korean mother with an impressive background. Sunny’s brand was inspired by her personal experiences of raising two mixed-race children in the US. 

Through their home collection, Portmanteau blends and showcases the beauty and richness that can emerge when diverse backgrounds come together. 

  1. Bagatiba 

Bagatiba crafts timeless jewelry that is ethical and sustainable, made by women for the modern woman. 

Beyond style, Bagatiba is a leader in jewelry, championing closed-loop upcycling and sustainability initiatives. Their dynamic ethics drive them to innovate on every front, making them a pioneering force in the industry! 

  1. Fishwife  

Founded by Becca Millstein and Caroline Goldfarb in 2020, Fishwife is a new female-founded and led food company aiming to make ethically sourced, premium, and delicious tinned seafood a staple in every cupboard. They source from responsibly managed fisheries and aquaculture farms to bring the vibrance of culture to the North American table.

  1. Hello Robin

Founded by Robin Wehl Martin in 2013, Hello Robin is known for their delectable baked goods in the heart of Seattle. Hello Robin has dedicated itself to crafting ambitious cookies daily, including signature creations like the “Mackles’more” while also offering gluten-free and vegan options.

A Seattle favorite, Hello Robin expanded to University Village and now provides frozen bake-at-home cookie dough at local markets and delicious fresh cookies at their stores!  

  1. OSEA

OSEA was founded by CEO, Melissa Palmer’s grandmother, Elsa, who was a great believer in the power of the sea. Their mission is to create clean, seaweed-infused skincare that respects the natural world and makes skin look and feel its absolute best. They are a vegan and cruelty-free brand, rooted in sustainability, and are an advocate for clean health and beauty products. 

  1. Mejuri

CEO and Co-Founder, Noura Sakkijha's goal was to modernize a decades-old industry for women everywhere while making a positive impact in the community, industry, and world. Mejuri is focused on sustainability and empowerment. 

  1. Outdoor Voices 

Mejuri is an American clothing company focused on the design and sale of athletic apparel. It was founded by Tyler Haney who focuses on creating clothing designed through the lens of circularity and longevity to minimize environmental impact.

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