Sustainable Gifting Guide 2023

As the festive season arrives, shopping takes the spotlight. This year, let's embark on a conscious gifting journey. Take a moment to ask questions like, "What's the origin of this product?", "Does this company prioritize our planet?" and "Will this gift truly be beneficial?" The myriad of gift options can be overwhelming, making it challenging to discern what truly matters. That's precisely why we've curated a list of sustainable gifting ideas. Dive into our recommendations below to discover brands and companies dedicated to making a meaningful impact this holiday season.

  1. Gift Experiences: Harry Potter: Magic at Play.

Gifting experience is a stellar choice that aligns with our planet's well-being. Experiences create lasting memories without leaving a lasting impact on the environment and they often foster connections, bring joy, and create meaningful moments. Harry Potter: Magic at Play is a wonderful experience to enjoy with friends or family and will provide a fun outing during the winter months. 

  1. Restaurant Gift Cards: Sugo, Matcha Magic, Just Poke

Gift cards are always a win-win! Gift cards also provide a gifted experience and it’s a great way to share something special with the people you love. There’s a plethora of restaurants in Seattle - a few of our favorites to grab gift cards at are Sugo, Matcha Magic and Just Poke - go check them out!

  1. Reusable Eye Masks from Dieux Skin

Reusable eye masks make a splendid and budget-friendly gift for the skincare enthusiast in your life. Not only are they a practical addition to any skincare routine, but they also offer a sustainable alternative to disposable options. Dieux Skin created these eye masks to be compatible with almost any serum. Choose your favorite serum, rinse off the eye masks when done, and repeat!

  1. Blueland Clean Skin Duo

Blueland Cleaning is a trailblazer in the sustainable beauty space! Elevate your skincare regimen while championing a cleaner planet with products designed for you and the environment. The Blueland Cleaning duo allows you to indulge in a clean routine crafted with eco-friendly ingredients and packaging you'll feel great about. Say goodbye to endless waste – their refill powder packs ensure your bottles are purchased just once and refilled endlessly. 

  1. Baggu Products

Baggu went viral for their fun and colorful reusable grocery bags but have since added many products to their company. Their purses make adorable, practical, and sustainable gifts. Starting with their Spring 2022 collection, the ripstop nylon styles are made with 100% recycled nylon filament yarn. I can choose sustainability AND style? Sign me up!

  1. The Girlfriend Collective

The Girlfriend Collective is an athletic and leisurewear company that believes “good things come to those who don’t waste.” They are known for their ethical manufacturing and recycled materials. Their products are made from old water bottles, fishing nets and other recycled materials that would otherwise pollute our landfills. The Girlfriend Collective is also incredibly transparent as they lay out what their products are made of and how their processing works. To top it all off, their adorable and unique workout sets that are as soft as butter!

  1. French Girl

Needing a bath, body or beauty product this holiday but looking to stay sustainable? The French Girl has you covered! A local Seattleite has created a high-quality, cruelty-free, and organically clean brand that uses 100% plant-based products and works to lower water use in its products. French Girl products are the perfect gift for that person in your life who wants to smell like a spring morning botanical garden. 

  1. Green Toys

Need a gift for the little one in your life? Have no fear because Green Toys are here! Green Toys is an advocate for reducing, reusing and recycling by using old milk jugs, yogurt cups and more, Green Toys formulates safe toy products for kiddos. This eco-friendly toy company is something you must check out.

  1. K2 Skis

K2 is a ski, snowboard, and winter sports apparel company that has a prime focus on being eco-friendly. Their objective is to “prioritize sustainability in all aspects of business,” and they want to achieve a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030. Winter apparel or sports equipment is the perfect gift for your mountain enthusiast BFF! Find out more about K2’s initiatives and promises on their website.

  1. OneTreePlanted

Want to take some eco-action this holiday? We are right ahead of you! Get your friends and family a tree - yes, a tree! Each kit from OneTreePlanted comes with everything you need to bring a tree to life and watch it grow before your very own eyes. It’s the perfect gift for a loved one and our planet.
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