3 Things to Know: Social Media During the Holiday Season

We know that the holidays are a busy time for anyone - the hustle and bustle of everyday life is amplified with fun, festivities, shopping, and more. Social media becomes more flooded with promotions and business pushes, many of them getting lost in the shuffle. Here at Rev, we believe in helping position our clients to be at the top of their social game, ready for when the holidays roll around. If you’re wondering how we do it, we’ll tell you! We’ve compiled a list of three things to know about social media during the holiday season, so that you and your business can stand out. 

  1. Know Your Audience: Because this is a busy time of year on social media, it’s important to stay focused on creating the kind of content that your followers respond to best. Take a look at your metrics from the past holiday season to see what your most popular (and least popular!) posts were as a reference point. Then, take a look at your more recent posts to see what else your audience has been engaging with lately. Look for themes and read through your comments and messages to revisit follower feedback. Let the data help you make strategic decisions for your content this year.
  1. Plan Ahead: One of the best ways to be thoughtful and effective with social media content during one of the busiest times of the year is to have a solid plan. Instead of feeling the pressure to post in real time, use a content calendar to map out your upcoming holiday content, and schedule it to publish in advance. A content calendar will help keep posts organized by date and theme, including the pre-written caption and imagery or video that will accompany the post. Planning ahead helps you and your team know what’s coming next and helps to keep the messaging aligned with the overall goal. You can always leave room for last minute post needs that may come up throughout the month.
  1. Lean Into Your Community: Influencers, micro-influencers and your followers alike are a great resource to help you tell your story, share your products, and gain trust with your followers with built-in testimonials told through your community. Consider partnering with an influencer to help you create content that gets you closer to achieving your goal for the holiday season. Encourage user generated content by asking your followers to tag you, use a specific brand hashtag, or giving them an incentive to share, like a chance to win a gift card for posting using your hashtag during the holiday season. 

Bonus tip!

Use Strong CTAs: Help your audience figure out how to take action on your profile by making it easy. Keeping your social media goals in mind, determine what CTA, or call to action, makes the most sense. Want to drive traffic to products on your website? Make sure your link in bio on Instagram makes it easy to get people where you want them to go – and use links in your Instagram stories. Want to increase UGC? Make sure you have a hashtag that’s short and easy to remember, or encourage followers to tag your account for a chance to be re-shared.

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