7 PNW Food & Beverage Companies You Must Try!

The Pacific Northwest is every foodie’s heaven. With its incredible restaurant scene and access to the freshest local ingredients, we feel incredibly lucky to call this place home. Here are a few of our favorite PNW food and beverage companies you must try this summer. 

  1. Schilling Hard Cider

Schilling Hard Cider is a Pacific Northwest staple! Drinks are handcrafted right here in the PNW using fresh locally sourced ingredients. With a fun mix of flavors like grapefruit, blackberry pear, guava lemonade and more, there’s a flavor for every taste bud! Schilling Cider also introduced Vida Maté, a plant-powered energy booster! Vida Maté is a ​​yerba maté based alternative to sugary, caffeinated drinks that often lead to an afternoon crash, leaving you fatigued. Vida Mate is made with simple ingredients and naturally occurring caffeine, it’s gluten-free, vegan and best of all, no crashing!

Image via @schillingcider on Instagram.

  1. Camellia Grove Kombucha

Brewed in Portland, OR, Camellia Grove Kombucha takes a different approach to crafting kombucha. Instead of adding flavors, their kombucha is tea-based and naturally flavored. Camellia Grove currently offers 6 different flavor options, all organic and made with loose-leaf tea. If you’re looking for a healthy, refreshing sip, look no further!

Image via Camellia Grove Kombucha website

  1. Miro Tea

Miro Tea, located in Settle's Ballard neighborhood, is an esteemed destination for artisanal tea. Their tea bar boasts an ever-changing selection of teas, including loose-leaf teas, chai teas, latte blends, and refreshing iced tea blends made with fresh fruit juice and homemade syrup. Coffee lovers, don’t worry, Miro Tea offers full service for coffee aficionados as well. Miro Tea sets itself apart with its emphasis on fostering connections; the inviting atmosphere makes it an ideal spot to unwind and catch up with loved ones over a cup of tea.

Image via @mirotea on Instagram.

  1. Proud Mary Coffee

Proud Mary Coffee deserves recognition not only for its exceptional packaging but also for its delectable drinks and mouthwatering food options. This café truly has it all. Originally from Portland, Proud Mary Coffee has now ventured to Austin, Texas, bringing the Pacific Northwest's distinct flavor to the South.

Images via @proudmarycoffee on Instagram.

  1. Rachel’s Bagels and Burritos

For Seattleites, Rachel's Bagels and Burritos is a gem that cannot be missed. They bake fresh bagels daily and utilize locally sourced ingredients from the Pacific Northwest. With a vast menu of bagel sandwiches and hefty one-pound burritos, Rachel's Bagels and Burritos will satisfy all your cravings!

Images via @rachels.bagels.and.buurritos on Instagram.

  1. Tiny Fish Co.

Tiny Fish Co. is a PNW-based, woman-owned canned fish company aiming to revolutionize the world of sustainably sourced canned fish and showcase the flavors of the Pacific Northwest throughout the country. Owner and chef Sara Hauman is recognized for her appearance on Portland's 2021 Top Chef. With Tiny Fish, her mission is to honor the diverse fish population of the Oregon Coast and inspire consumers to adopt sustainable seafood consumption practices.

Images via Tiny Fish Co. website

  1. Toby’s Family Foods

Toby's Family Foods' plant-based dips and dressings are simply irresistible. Based in Oregon, all of their products are made using locally sourced, organic ingredients. Toby's believes in maintaining the simplicity of food while ensuring its flavor and quality. Their Jalapeno spread is an excellent complement to your mid-day snack. Additionally, if you are seeking ideas to add a bit of zest to your meals, Toby's website provides recipes to inspire creativity with its products.

Images via Toby’s Family Foods website

Have you tried any of these brands before? What was your favorite? Or maybe we’ve inspired you to go try something new! Let us know on our Instagram or Twitter. For more foodie articles, check out our favorite vegan spots in Seattle or our take on the best plant-based burgers on the market