Plant-Based Burgers That Won’t Make You Miss Meat

Celebrate National Burger Day the Vegetarian Way

Nothing beats a sunny Seattle BBQ. However, if you prefer veggies over animal products or you're looking to reduce the amount of red meat you consume for health or environmental reasons, we have a solution for you.

As huge plant-based burger fans, we’re excited to share our favorite vegetarian and vegan alternatives to the all-American, classic burger patty. We promise they’re just as tasty!

  • Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger: These burgers are some of the most similar to meat in texture and juiciness. You can bbq them and they flame up to look like real burgers!
  • Forks Over Knives: Another great resource for vegetarian recipes, most of which can be converted to vegan, Forks Over Knives offers several tempting burger alternatives. 

Which burger alternative are you most excited to try? Message us on Instagram or Twitter to share your favorite!