5 Reasons Your Brand Needs PR in 2023

The competition for marketshare and mindshare is at its fiercest. Rumblings of a recession, job loss, and potential for job loss put consumers on high alert closing out 2022. In times like these, the decision to purchase is met with even stricter criteria. This, coupled with a growing trend toward aligning purchases with your values, means brands must be able to story tell in a way that their customers feel both compelled to buy, and deeply good about their purchases. 

2023, more than ever before, requires a PR strategy that meets the needs of customers for authenticity, connection and transparency. It’s an essential tool for navigating and succeeding when competition for consumer attention and dollars is critical, and often the way companies thrive in a tough economic environment.

Here are 5 more reasons your brand needs PR this year:

  1. PR storytelling anchors all of your communications efforts, providing content for email marketing, social media and advertising 
  2. PR opens the doors to new distribution and customer channels, and our team will help you develop the presentation deck you need to successfully navigate this path 
  3. PR provides the third-party validation that will set you apart from competing brands, re-telling your story in a way that continues to grow awareness
  4. PR establishes relationships that thrive for the longevity of your business, as long as they are fueled with continuous updates and personalized touches
  5. PR creates curiosity, first looks, and final looks as an integral part of the customer journey where they need to hear about your business multiple times before making a purchase

Brands with an engaging, differentiated story being expertly told will stand out this year. As companies pull back on spending to “weather” a bad economy, those that invest in themselves will reap the benefits of the mindshare and marketshare that will propel their growth. 
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