What People Don’t Understand About PR

PR is an industry most people have heard of, but probably aren’t sure what is really entails. We often hear the term “PR” thrown around when discussing celebrities and influencers, but it’s really so much more! Public relations is an industry that has changed and evolved throughout the years, but at its core it is the practice of securing earned public recognition - gaining exposure through unpaid opportunities, often created by building relationships with print, online and broadcast media.

For most businesses, PR is an important aspect to building and legitimizing their brand. However, there are a some common misconceptions when it comes to PR.

PR doesn’t automatically convert to sales

One common misconception is that with a few media placements resulting from PR, a business will automatically skyrocket. And while this definitely can happen - think a dress being featured in Vogue and selling out immediately - it’s not necessarily a guarantee. However, media placements will help to increase searchability (SEO), brand recognition and build relationships with media that will eventually convert to sales and profit.

Good PR takes time!

Securing coverage happens by building relationships with the media, and as most of us know, journalists and TV staff receive an overwhelming amount of inquiries. A good PR team takes the time to find the right contacts and conduct meaningful outreach that will yield responses that turn into coverage opportunities. However, this takes lots of time and coordination on both ends. In general, it can take a few weeks or even months to start seeing results! This is just the name of the game, and it’s worth the wait.

PR is not marketing or advertising

Yes, there definitely are aspects of marketing and advertising weaved into public relations, but what sets PR apart is the emphasis on securing earned placements. Earned placements meaning unpaid, authentic stories written by journalists who have a genuine interest in the brand’s product, story etc.

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