How to be a great PR client

At Revolution PR, we are passionate about creating long-term partnerships with our clients.  And after more than a decade in business, we’ve identified the three most important attributes that are instrumental in creating a great client partnership. So if you’re seeking a PR agency or are already working with one, read on to become a favorite client.

N E E D  A  B U I L D I N GS U R V E Y E

Be a Partner The companies we all want to work with view a PR agency as an extension of their internal team and want to build a long-term client relationship. Think about your personal relationships and which are most fruitful – the acquaintance you made at an event last month or the lifelong friend who’s been there through thick and thin? True collaboration comes from a deep understanding of the nuances of your business and industry, which is what you get out of a long-term partnership with your agency. This is where the real PR magic and results happens. See an awesome long-term partnership in action – check out the our PR results from Sleep Country’s annual Pajama Bowl fundraiser.   Understand How PR Works If you only do one thing to become a great client let this be it – understand that PR takes time. Giving your agency the appropriate time to understand and tell your story and connect with the right influencers who will drive results for your company will make you a rock star client and give you an infinitely better outcome from your PR campaign.   Trust us We love and appreciate working with clients who are experts in their field, largely because we’re experts in ours. A good PR agency will stay on top of best practices and trends to strive to get you the best results possible. If they come to you with a new idea for a social media campaign, media outreach or event, listen! An example? We loved how excited Athleta was to host an event with a favorite local blogger and fitness guru to gain new customers!   What do you think makes a great client relationship? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter!