5 Refreshing Recipes to Try This Spring

The official first day of spring (March 20th) is quickly approaching! As we gear up for more sunshine & longer days, it's time to pause and hit refresh. That’s why we’re sharing 5 recipes for spring inspo from our local fave, Town & Country Markets.

  1. Asparagus Mimosa with Fried Capers 

Not your typical mimosa (but it goes great with them)! 

Taking advantage of the peak freshness of asparagus in spring, this fresh, salty and crunchy dish is sure to wow guests at your next brunch. The grated hard-cooked egg on top resembles yellow mimosa flowers, giving this classic French side its name. 

Image: T&C

  1. Strawberry Spring Picnic Salad

I say spring, you say salad! Spring! Salad! 

Strawberry season is also here, which means it's the perfect time to use them in exciting and inventive ways. This refreshing dish combines acid and sugar to make a bright and inviting salad. Sesame seeds add a nutty flavor to the homemade dressing on this crunchy gem!

Image: T&C

  1. Coconut Prawn Green Curry

The colors on this one are next level…

This curry is bright, light and fresh, making it just right for the changing of the seasons. Green curry tends to be sweeter than red, with overarching flavors of cilantro and lime. Coming together in just 25 minutes, it makes for a quick and easy dinner that’s as spicy or mild as you like it! 

Image: T&C

  1. Avgolemono Soup

Rich, tangy and adaptable!

The name of this Greek dish translates to egg-lemon, coming from the mixture that thickens the soup. Refreshing lemon dances with dill and parsley, creating a delicately delicious meal. Perfect for spring, it can be made light or hearty depending on the amount of rice you add (or add chicken to make it even more filling). 

Image: T&C

  1. Minted Peas

With just five ingredients!

A staple for spring, these peas are vibrantly green and slightly sweet. Coming together in just 20 minutes, this dish is the perfect sidekick to any meal. Try them with T&C’s Lamb Leg Provencal to marry the flavors of garlic and mint. 

Image: T&C

What are your favorite spring recipes? Let us know on IG @revpr. We can’t wait to hear from you!