Our Favorite Sustainable Food and Eating Trends

As a group of PR professionals committed to protecting the planet and improving the human experience, we are no strangers to sustainable living practices– especially when it comes to food! 

Whether you’re looking to reduce the amount of meat you consume or want to support local farmers, we’re sure you’ll find a tip or two on how to help make your eating practices more sustainable! Here are some of our favorite sustainable eating trends that our team shared: 

“I like shopping at local farmers markets for in season produce and locally made staples like bread and sauces! One of my favorite places to go is the Madrona Farmers Market.” - Delaney 

“As a vegetarian family, I love the rise in non-dairy - milks, cheeses and especially those made from nuts. One of my favs is Miyoko's Creamery.” - Jen

Image credit: @miyokoscreamery

“Stasher bags forever! I also do my best to reduce food waste by shopping more mindfully (I love farmers markets and Imperfect Foods) and saving food scraps like stems or leftover produce and making soups or sauces with them.” - Carolyn 

“I love that the flexitarian diet is becoming more popular and accepted. I was flexitarian for two years before becoming vegetarian, but I love the idea of eating in a way that allows you to minimize your carbon footprint without compromising your own specific health and dietary needs.” - Nicole 

My favorite vegan dessert from local fave Hot Cakes!

What are some of your favorite sustainable eating practices? Let us know on Instagram