5 Fitness Influencers You Should Follow

This past year has seen massive growth in the home workout and fitness influencer space. As we continue rocking our 2023 fitness goals, we're loving home workouts and influencers that help us incorporate a bit of movement into our everyday routines. Whether it's a quick stretch or an hour-long full-body workout, we all agree it's so important to keep our bodies active and moving.

Check out who the team is currently getting their inspiration from below.

  1. @Deepisterfitness

Deepister shares everything about fitness and health, including inspirational content, how-tos, meal inspo, GRWM’s, and tips that both dispel common misconceptions and keep you on track. She helps to motivate her audience to push themselves, while also listening to their bodies over numerical goals. We love her motto that fitness is for everyone! Be sure to check out her YouTube, too, for longer-form content.

  1. @Nancy.lin.chen

For simple, yet effective workout sets to try out at home or at the gym, we're huge fans of Nancy Chen. She posts tons of tutorials and motivations on her Instagram. And, if you're curious about boxing, Nancy has some incredible intro-style videos that will help you get down the basics so you're prepped for that first session in the ring.

  1. @Karlatafra

Yoga Teacher and Nutritionist Karla Tafra is always sharing pics of her poses that make us want to hop up and get on the mat! We love checking out what new wellness products she’s trying, seeing where she’s traveled (and yoga’ed) most recently, and her super adorable family content. She really does it all! 

  1. @Haileysfitnessblog

We love glowing and growing with Hailey as she takes us on her journey through fitness, healthy eating and of course, cute gym clothes! Hailey shares realistic tips with her audience, helping them to stay mindful and stick to their goals. Follow her for tips, tricks and some positive motivation!

  1. @ttaylorolsen

Want to start lifting? Head to Taylor Olsen's page for beginner's lifting tips, tons of fitness inspo and easy-to-follow workouts that tone your entire body.

Tell us where you get your fitness and wellness inspiration on Instagram and Facebook! Want more fitness inspiration? Check out some more of our favorite influencers here!