Our Fave Fitness Influencers

Some days, we’re revved up and ready to jump into a workout. Other days, we need a little encouragement. Below, we’re sharing our favorite influencers who constantly inspire us to get our sweat on! 1.  Go Fit Jo We can’t help but smile every time we see Go Fit Jo’s bright and sunny face pop up on our Instagram feed. Her philosophy on fitness being a journey and loving wherever you are on that journey is truly inspiring.

Spending the day with @barre3 in Portland learning about what moves, nourishes, and connects them. I've been in the company of some bad ass women these past few hours and I'm feeling so reenergized for life. I'm so inspired by @sadielincoln and her quest to reframe the conversions about fitness. And as you know I'm a HUGE advocate for holistic health and looking into all areas of one's life to help them redefine what healthy and fit means to them. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ With all the none sense and noise surrounded in the world of fitness, it's refreshing to have someone who's challenging her community to look inward for the answers rather than falling into the trap of what's right for others based on someone else's standards! as Join me on my stories for today's #Portland adventures! - #b3movesme #b3partner #b3anywhere #awayjogoes

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2.  All Things Kate We love how adventurous Kate is with her fitness routine – she is always trying something new! Earlier this year, she shared a series of trainer + instructor interviews highlighting different studios and programs from barre to boot camp to cycling. Definitely check it out if you’re in a rut and want to try something new!
3.  The Blond Giraffe We love how this mama + Pilates instructor talks about the importance of being active and the role it plays in raising kiddos. She just had baby #2 (you can hardly tell!), and her advice and recent posts about exercise post-pregnancy are super insightful.
4.  Kale Junkie If you’re seeking healthy food inspiration, look no further. Nicole of the Kale Junkie serves up recipes that are as beautiful as they are delicious. We’re smitten with this recent recipe for vegan cheesecake bars – yum! (And psst – San Francisco friends, she’s teaming up with organicgirl this weekend to spin some delicious smoothies! Find more details here).

Finallyyyyy made my sweet mama friend @dani_nemeh's vegan cheesecake bars after seeing @sammyyeason and @restoring_radiance make them...totally got me craving them I made mine with @pitayaplus dragon fruit and @purelyelizabeth chocolate sea salt probiotic granola for a fun twist on the original version. Trust me when I say these are the yummiest and most deelish bars I've ever made trust me when I tell you they are super easy to make! You can get the full recipe on Dani's page and if you aren't following her yet, whattttt are you waiting for?! #womensupportingwomen . The crust is one bag @purelyelizabeth chocolate sea salt probiotic granola and coconut oil (blend in a food processor and press it in a parchment lined 8x8 baking dish). For the cheesecake, blend one packet @pitayaplus dragon fruit, 1 cup soaked cashews (3 hours), 1/4 cup maple syrup, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1/3 cup coconut oil, & juice of one lemon. Blend until smooth and pour over crust. Freeze for at least 3 hours. Yup, that's it. You can use blackberries, beets, or you can get creative and throw something else in . Happy Sunday you guys!!!! Off for a long walk with the boys, grocery shopping, and a late lunch with my bestie @nurturingbodyandmind and then come home and gear up for the work week! Xx . . #kalejunkie #healthydessert #dessert #picoftheday #plantbased #vegan #getinmybelly #goodmoodfood #gloobyfood #kaylaitsines #toneitup #cleaneats #instafood #instagood

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5.  Shut the Kale Up We love following Jeannette for her yummy smoothie recipes and healthy product recommendations. Plus, Instagram stories featuring her adorable little boy are definitely day brighteners.
6.  The Balanced Berry Les of The Balanced Berry is constantly inspiring us to get moving with her approachable workout videos and real life mindset related to fitness. We loved her #TBBSummerSlay series – check it out for a workout you can do right now.
7.  Kaisa Fit Kaisa is the epitome of #fitgoals. Her Instagram videos often feature her getting in exercise and movement whenever and wherever she can – from the airport to the playground to the beach. Even better, most of her moves are do-able for many fitness levels.

Happy Friday! . Getting a few questions about where my gym videos are but I'm just having the hardest time being inside when the weather is so nice! . I'll be back in there soon though, can't stay away from @balastrong for too long

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8.  She Thrives Taylor’s strength and kickass attitude make us want to move mountains. Or at least get into the gym and lift something heavy ;)

TFW Monday is afraid of *you*. #hideyakids Who's ready to crush this week?! Go out there and get it done, fam. : @paosanchezmedia

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9.  Remi Ishizuka Always on the go, Remi takes the term “no excuses” to a whole new level. Whether she’s working out in a hotel room or squeezing in a 30 minute gym session before an event, she continually reminds us that there’s always time for fitness.

GOALS I ACCOMPLISHED THIS WEEK: - ✅3 X (5 min) yoga sessions - ✅5 X (5 min) meditation before getting up - ✅I also tried 3 total body BOOST workouts! I love that I could do these anywhere. Will be handy for travels next week! Adidas rolled out a new app called ALL DAY and It's like having an accountability buddy 24/7 when @roseonice_ is too busy for me I LOVE IT!! It's an app inspiring daily challenges to be active, meditate, rest and eat better! You get to set your goals and create your week. Next week goals are to try breathing techniques, workout everyday for 30 min while in NYC and sleep 8 hours each night✌ You can download the app direct in my bio! HAPPY SATURDAY! @adidaswomen #adidasALLDAY #adidasambassador

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10.  Chinae Alexander It’s hard to not be inspired when you visit Chinae’s beautifully curated Instagram page. The Adidas ambassador not only exudes major fitness inspiration but believes in striving to #BeBetter in everything she does.

ON CREATIVITY: This morning I had an upper body training session and then I tried to get into a @soulcycle class but sadly it was waitlisted. I sulked...got frustrated for a few minutes and then I realized, I can't let my CIRCUMSTANCES influence my MOTIVATION. ✨ So I put Despacito on, and simply started to run. I told myself I would go as far as I could toward home and then ride the train the rest of the way. ✨ Before I knew it, I was sprinting through my front gate...tired, sweaty, accomplished. Was probably one of my best runs ever. I'm telling you this because I wanted to sulk and rely on routine, but I unclenched my butt for a sec, let go of "the plan", got creative, and thrived. ✨This is your reminder to move from the heart rather than the head today my friends. ❤️#motivation #yougotthis #bebetter

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11.  Whitney Simmons If you want to build strength but find weight-lifting unapproachable or scary, Whitney is your gal. Watch her Get Fit with Whit videos on YouTube for smart workout routines – you’ll leave with a booty burn and a belly laugh. (She’s hilarious)
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