Top 5 Sustainability Trends for 2022

We’re no strangers to sustainability, it’s practically our BFF. With a concern for the impacts we have on the planet, some pretty amazing changes are taking shape – which we don’t expect to slow down in 2022. Here are some of the sustainability trends we’re excitedly watching in the new year!

  1. Clothing Rentals

There’s a growing awareness of just how much the garment industry pollutes our planet. Companies like Rent the Runway make it so much easier to get access to designer goods while keeping clothes out of landfills and saving your bank account. 

  1. Resale and Thrifting 

More and more people are taking to thrift stores and online resale sites to breathe new life into items that would otherwise be discarded, and selling stuff to make some extra cash too. Which has never been easier than now with the help of resale service Sella. Experts handle everything needed to sell your stuff, so you don’t have to take on the shopkeeper role. So go ahead, start reselling your stuff and buying pre-owned!

Image Credit: @sellayourstuff on Instagram
  1. Interior Focus

WFH doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, welcoming an increased focus on wellness and sustainability within the home. Expect to see smart upgrades like electric stoves, heat recovery ventilators and air sealing as a part of a larger movement toward environmentally-conscious building and design. To see examples in action, check out our favorite Seattle-based sustainable builder, Cascade Built

Image Credit: Cascade Built
  1. Reducing Emissions 

As we continue to see less in-person shopping and more purchases online, many companies are looking to offset their carbon footprints in order to achieve net-zero or carbon-negative emissions. The Oula Company hand cuts and sews garments locally in the U.S. to limit unnecessary emissions, while Los Angeles Apparel offers carbon offsetting for shipping. 

  1. Zero Waste and Plastic-Free

Huge strides have been made in the beauty industry toward a focus on zero waste and plastic-free products. Consumers are looking for products that reflect those values. Looking to get started with a zero-waste routine? Seattle-based Eco Collective is known for its huge selection of sustainable and zero-waste products (psst. we think serum bars, like this one from Dew Mighty, are going to be huge in 2022).

What sustainable trends are you excited for in the New Year? Let us know on IG @revpr!