Sustainable Winter Footwear

Winter is coming! It’s time to pull out our favorite sweaters and puffy coats as we prepare for the colder weather. This year, refresh your winter wardrobe from the bottom up -- starting with sustainable footwear! 

Here is a list of some of our favorite sustainably-made footwear, designed specifically to keep you warm and dry all season.

  1. Arvin Goods Sustainable Socks

Adding layers to your look in the winter is essential, starting with warm, cozy socks. Arvin Goods’ iconic sustainable socks are our go-to for style and comfort. The crew socks made of recycled cotton are thick, durable and come in an array of fun colorways that accessorize any outfit. Additionally, for extra warmth, the hemp bio fiber performance socks lock in heat and are perfect for winter outdoor activities.

  1. Danner Mountain 600 

Handmade in Portland, OR, Danner boots are classic hiking and lifestyle shoes that are winter staples in the PNW. Our personal favorites are the Mountain 600. These waterproof hiking boots work wonders on winter trails, but are casual enough to be an everyday boot for walking around town. And it definitely doesn’t hurt that they feel like walking on clouds!

  1. Noize Alfie Vegan Leather Boots

For a stylish, “going out” boot, try the Alfie Vegan Leather Boots by Noize. These Chelsea-style boots come in tons of classic and funky colors that you can easily  dress up or down to pair with any winter outfit. Plus, their thick soles will help you trek through any puddles while keeping your toes dry. 

  1. Allbirds Women's Wool Runner-up Mizzles

For a more sporty look, trusty Allbirds come through with the Wool Runner-up Mizzles. Made from water repellent merino wool, these high-top sneakers are warm yet breathable, and provide all day comfort. These are the ultimate everyday winter shoes you can throw on and with warm socks to take on the day.

We love amplifying sustainable brands and are always looking for more sustainable winter footwear options! Share your faves with us on Instagram @revpr