How to Survive (and Thrive) this Winter

As we near the end of December, surviving (and thriving) during the dark and dreary winter months might seem impossible, but a change in perspective and with a few tricks up your sleeve, it can be a time for joy and rejuvenation.

We’re sharing a few of our favorite words of advice that have helped us embrace the winter season.

Grace Farris creates hilariously accurate comics, shared on Cup of Jo. This one made us laugh… and also crave peppermint bark.

Jackie Saffert shares great ideas for getting out of your winter gloom in her article “The Slow Season: Ways to Survive, and Thrive, in these Long Winter Months.” Our favorite is, “Participate in one quintessential winter activity of your choosing. If you find yourself falling into a winter funk or the winter doldrums or a winter ailment of another name, one thing that can sometimes help alleviate said feelings is to try something new. Not only will it be a healthy distraction, but I am told that it will result in an uptick of those feel-good neurotransmitters that get released when you try new things!! And, I mean, that sounds nice, yes?”

To embrace the coziness of the season while keeping yourself busy, Kathleen Corlett suggests making a blanket in her Women’s Day article, “15 Winter Activities For When You Can’t Stand To Play In The Snow Any Longer.”

Corlett writes, “Create a quick, cozy cover up for the bedroom or couch by layering two pieces of fleece, cutting strips around the perimeter, and knotting them together. Or, if you have teenagers in the house who want to try something trendier, follow a YouTube tutorial from Do It On a Dime to knit your own chunky blanket—no needles required.” So easy, winter-haters of any age can get in on the fun!

Finally, Julia Plevin shares how she changed her perspective to embrace winter in this Mind Body Green article

Plevin says, “Winter marks the slow close to the calendar year, and it might make you feel some grief for the dreams that have not materialized yet. Knowing that this period comes (and goes) each year allows me to be with the darkness and not freak out too much. Ever since I've started seeing the years as cyclical and not linear, I've begun to see my life more like a tree. Each year I grow another ring. In the winter it might not seem like that much is going on, but this season is laying the groundwork for the cycle ahead.”

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