4 Things We Learned While Working From Home

The past year brought unexpected challenges and forced everyone to change their lifestyle one way or another. For most working adults, this meant leaving the office and switching to a long-term work from home solution. As we all got used to Zoom meetings, bought new cushy desk chairs, and collected loungewear sets, it turned out working from home wasn't so bad! 

Although we’re excited to return to the office and collaborate face to face with our team, we picked up a few new skills and learned some things along the way. Here are four things we learned while working from home: 

  1. Take breaks! When working from home, it can be hard to find a balance between work and relaxation because the workplace environment has been transferred to our homes. To combat these complications, we all agreed it was essential to take small breaks throughout the workday. Whether this was a quick walk outside, 5-minute stretch session or pausing to read some new articles, short breaks are essential to productivity!
  2. Invest in your workspace! Having a clean and aesthetically pleasing workspace can make a world of difference when working from home. It helps to keep you organized and motivated throughout the day. From colorful wireless keyboards to standing work desks, there are tons of ways to revamp your home workspace.
  3. As we all know, loungewear was HUGE this year, and for good reason! We all want to be comfortable, and no one can see your sweatpants via Zoom. Some of our favorite sustainable loungewear brands to relax in both on and off the clock are Pangaia, Richer Poorer and Big Bud Press.
  4. Prepare healthy and delicious lunches! Part of the beauty of working from home is having easy access to your kitchen instead of having to pack a lunch to take into the office. We’ve shared several (mostly vegan!) meal ideas on our Instagram and are loving local meal kit boxes from Acme Farms and Kitchen, a meal kit service that brings the farmers market to your doorstep-- providing fresh, local ingredients to create simple yet delicious meals.

Do you love working from home or are you itching to return to the office? Send us a DM and share your experience with us on Instagram @revpr!