2021 Lifestyle Trends

2020 has arguably been the most challenging and life-changing year for billions around the globe. With this universal shift to spending the majority of our time at home and in isolation, many have reprioritized their values and simplified their lifestyles. We watched as new trends emerged. These are the ones we’re forecasting to carry into the new year and beyond: 

  1. We’re Increasingly Open to, and Seeking, Non-alcoholic Beverage Options

Maybe it's just because it’s dry January or maybe we had a little too much fun with quarantini’s in 2020, but we’ve seen non-alcoholic beverages take the social media world by storm. Some of our favorites (women-owned!) include Rock Grace, Kin Euphorics and Fauxmosa. All the fun flavors and vibe of a drink with added health benefits and no hangover? It’s a rising trend we promoted a couple of years ago, and it continues to grow. Self-help books like “Quit Like a Woman: The Radical Choice to Not Drink in a Culture Obsessed with Alcohol'' are helping, pun intended. 

  1. More Mindful Living 

The pandemic has changed the way we view our homes and day-to-day life forever. Now more than ever, an inviting and welcoming home is a necessity. In 2020, homeowners were able to declutter and focus on a more simplistic, mindful home aesthetic.  We love the Modern Dane’s beautiful high quality and sustainably made linen to match this thoughtful trend. Definitely a must for 2021! And we’re hoping to put it on a Happsy Matttress

Image via @moderndane on Instagram
  1. Skincare as Selfcare 

2020 was probably the longest break from make-up, pollution exposure and toxic beauty products our skin has ever had! With everyone repping the aux-natural, bare-faced look and more time to try new products, it was skincare’s time to shine. It was also a way to implement a few precious minutes of self-care into our day.  Advice from our go-to IG dermatologist and one of our favorite skincare experts, @drbrandith_skin came in incredibly handy when figuring out exactly what products to use and why. 

Image via @drbrandith_skin on Instagram
  1. DEI is Finally a Top Conversation in Personal and Business Lives 

In an ever-changing political, professional and physical world, it is increasingly important that we surround ourselves with BIPOC peers and diverse viewpoints. The fight towards equality and justice for all may have risen to the surface again in 2020 but that does not mean it won’t continue into 2021 and forever beyond. At Rev, we are committed to working with and highlighting the voices of underrepresented communities, not only in our professional endeavors but personally as well. We’ll continue to promote and see a focus on shopping and supporting BIPOC brands like Oula

  1. Simplified, Clean Beauty 

Following along with the minimalist and bare-faced look, people are reaching for cleaner beauty products when they do need them. Less is more! Fewer ingredients, fewer steps to get ready every day and fewer chemicals / toxins in products. Why did it take us so long to figure this out? Look for female-led, individualized, simplified and truly bespoke skincare brands like Untamed Humans are poised to turn the beauty industry upside down. 

Image via @untamedhumansskincare on Instagram
  1. Less Plastic! 

Aside from the terrible health repercussions the pandemic brought, another huge downside was that businesses could no longer let consumers use their reusable products. Grocery stores banned reusable bags, millions had to wear disposable masks every day and restaurants switched to takeaway only, resulting in more single-use plastic consumption. When the pandemic is finally over and life can return to ‘normal,’ we envision a reinvigorated movement to ditch single-use plastics once and for all. 

  1. Not Shopping Amazon

As small businesses were forced to shut their doors and drastically change business models due to the pandemic, there was a collective movement to wean off department store shopping and support these small mom and pop shops. Aside from helping keep these businesses running, supporting small and local is also a better option for the environment as it minimizes shipping emissions, unethical production, etc. 

  1. New Ways to Workout  

With so many gyms, workout classes and fitness studios closing down last year, it’s safe to say people had to get creative with how they stayed healthy both mentally and physically. Home workout subscription services skyrocketed and many fitness YouTubers gained millions of followers. People have realized home workouts can be just as effective as the gym and they certainly aren’t going anywhere soon. Many also had more time to explore new and exciting fitness goals. Working on our flexibility was a big one for us and we couldn’t have done it without the StretchIt App’s help! 

Image via @stretchitapp on Instagram
  1. A Rise in Craft Spirits and Organic Food  

2020 gave us the time to focus on what we consume and made shopping craft and quality a high priority. Many already buy organic produce, dairy and meat, but what about snacks and drinks? As people become more aware of how what they consume impacts their body and community -- we anticipate a consumer revolution in selection. Go-ahead and switch with us now.  Honey Mama’s Cocoa Truffle Bars make it easy to snack on delicious organic, locally made deliciousness -- you won’t even miss Snickers, we promise! If you’re stuck on your same-old quarantine drink and looking to switch things up, meet Freeland Spirits. The Portland-based craft distillery makes all their spirits from high-quality PNW ingredients, and their canned Gin & Rose Tonic is the perfect refreshment. Did we mention they’re both women-owned?! 

Image via @freelandspirits on Instagram
  1. More Females at the Helm! 

Like supporting BIPOC communities, there was also a shift towards supporting women-run companies, businesses and industries in 2020. And yet despite this, there’s news of a SHEcession, that only we women can stop.  It starts with driving this trend and supporting those female-owned businesses taking off and conquering the world. A few we’ve been loving lately are New Belgium Brewing, plant-based wellness brand Wyld One and Ground Up, a PDX nut butter company that partners with local nonprofits to provide jobs for womxn in need. Our Rev team is made up of 100% strong, powerful and goal-oriented women and we can’t wait to work with more companies like us!

We hope that in reflecting on all that we went through in 2020, it caused a shift in consumer and lifestyle trends for the greater good.

Let us know what trend you’re looking forward to in 2021!