How to “Leave No Trace” in 2021

4 Tips to Leave No Trace When Outdoors

Image Courtesy of iStock

Playing off the National Park’s motto “Leave No Trace” we are aiming to leave no trace wherever we go in 2021! Today we’re sharing a few tips for how we minimize our environmental impact while exploring nature and living our everyday lives.

  1. Here in the PNW, we are able to experience wonderful snow activities in the winter and early spring. To reduce our impact on the mountain we:
    • Bring a thermos for hot cocoa or your favorite winter cocktail on the go
    • Use beeswax wraps or Stasher bags to store candy or nuts to fuel your ski runs
  2. At work:
    • Planning ahead is a major principle of “Leave No Trace”, bring your lunch in a glass container or to-go box– your wallet will thank you!
    • If you’re still working from home like the Rev team is, it’s simpler to keep consumption to a minimum! In fact, when working from home it can be easier to go the extra mile such as starting a compost bin, propagating herbs and making more goods from scratch (have you tried making your own sourdough yet?). 
    • As people begin to return to an office environment after more than a year, it is important not to forget old habits. Keep bringing containers from home, limiting consumption and maybe get the whole office in on a new recycling program! 
  3. While shopping:
    • Getting tired while shopping at the mall or downtown is real, so be prepared and bring your travel coffee mug 
    • Not everything needs its own plastic bag, fruit and veggies can sit loosely in your cart or basket and will be just fine
    • Bring your bags, even when shopping for clothes or other items– keep them in your car so you don’t forget! 
    • PNWers: reduce food waste by supporting a local meal delivery service like Acme Farms. Acme partners with local farmers, uses minimal packaging and ensures the freshest delivery due to the minimal transportation needed  
  4. Traveling has a huge impact on the environment, to reduce your impact we suggest:
    • Pack less! It’s freeing to not worry about bringing so many bags and less weight on the plane = less fuel used
    • Leave what you see. It might be tempting to bring home shells or pine cones from your winter vacation, but ‘leave no trace’ means taking what you bring in and leaving what you didn’t

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