National Chocolate Day

National Chocolate Day is finally upon us, an excuse to raid the drawers of the office’s kitchen for all of our stashed chocolate bars! We’re big chocolate lovers at Revolution – not only does a piece of chocolate satisfy a sweet tooth, but dark chocolate can also give a much-needed caffeine boost during an afternoon slump.

It’s easy to be a chocolate fan in the Pacific Northwest as we have many local chocolate companies worth celebrating, whether it’s National Chocolate Day or any other day throughout the year. Here are some of our favorite local chocolate brands.

Theo Chocolate: You can’t talk about chocolate in the Pacific Northwest without talking about Theo. Theo is a beloved Seattle company not just because of its delicious chocolate, but also because their values and mission are so admirable. As the first Organic and Fair Trade certified chocolate factory in North America, Theo sets the standard for how all chocolate should be made!

Moonstruck Chocolate: Personally, I know of Portland-based Moonstruck Chocolate because my mom loved to tuck a few bars into my stocking at Christmas each year. It was a special treat because I know Moonstruck is a premium chocolate brand – everything from the ingredients to the hand-crafted pieces and cool-looking packaging lets me know that the product is unique.

Seattle Chocolate Company: There are many reasons to love Seattle Chocolate Company: they’re a woman-owned and -run company that strives to give back to the farmers and families they work with, in addition to composting and cutting down on waste wherever they can! When a company is as lovable as their product, it’s hard not to fangirl. My mouth is watering just thinking about their bite-size truffles!

Dilettante Chocolates: I’ll admit – sometimes I don’t want a chocolate bar. Sometimes I want chocolate in the form of liquid. And one of the best places to get liquid chocolate in the Seattle area is Dilettante. Whether you want a gourmet cup of cocoa or a silky smooth dark chocolate mocha, Dilettante’s chocolate drink options are not to be missed.

What’s your favorite chocolate brand? Tell us who we missed on our Instagram and Facebook!