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Tulip Valley Farms Cultivates Connections Amid Blossoming Success

Andrew Miller is a tulip aficionado passionate about agricultural heritage and championing rural revival. In the spring of 2023, Andrew debuted his new venture – Tulip Valley Farms, giving visitors a new place to experience the Skagit Valley’s Tulip blooms with unique options for enjoying the flowers. Andrew developed programming that reflects his desire to connect through color while acknowledging what prevents people from visiting the blooms – traffic and crowds. By opening a new option for visitors to immerse themselves, he solved for crowds and tackled traffic with off-hour options like the Night Bloom program.  

Andrew and Tulip Valley Farms also gained significant media attention in the winter of 2023 for their response to the untimely death of fellow Skagit Valley Tulip Festival employee Ethan Chapin, creating a stunning mix of yellow and white tulips, named “Ethan’s Smile” with proceeds benefiting the Ethan’s Smile Foundation.

Revolution partnered with Tulip Valley Farms to introduce the new farm and its experiences, establish thought leadership around agricultural heritage and rural revival, and drive interest, awareness and traffic to the farms and newly launched programming. 

Revolution exceeded goals during the four-month campaign, securing 75 print and online local, regional and national press hits and 5 local broadcast segments, resulting in 273M impressions. This coverage showcased the variety of events and initiatives presented by TVF, positioned Andrew as an expert in the industry and deepened community ties to Tulip Valley Farms.

We also partnered with 15 influencers, securing 85 earned social media hits resulting in 385k impressions to amplify storytelling about Tulip Valley Farms. Influencers with varying focuses from families to fashionistas and local event highlights visited different events at the farms, showcasing the stunning scenery and their exceptional experiences.

Media and influencer coverage secured for Tulip Valley Farms expanded brand awareness, drove traffic to the farms, and provided TVF with valuable media and influencer connections. It established third-party validation for the company and its CEO, positioning Andrew as a leader and innovator in tulip and tourism. Coverage secured and invaluable relationships built with reporters and influencers will continue to yield positive, impactful results for Tulip Valley Farms in years to come.