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Rebellyous Launches a Plant-Based Chicken Revolution

Rebellyous Foods is on a mission to create the perfect chicken nugget, revolutionizing how plant-based meats are made. Developing a cleaner, more efficient, and better for the people operating the manufacturing system, Rebellyous is making delicious plant-based chicken nuggets, tenders, and patties more accessible and cost-comparative. Rebellyous’ team of animal-loving engineers and employees are making an undeniable impact.

Rebellyous partnered with Revolution to showcase its unique brand through PR and social media storytelling and campaign initiatives, supporting its evolution from a consumer-facing to a b2b success story. Today, over 200 school districts across the country now serve Rebellyous on their menus to over 3 million students, reaching an average of 18,182 students daily who rave about the products. 

Revolution PR amplifies the company’s success by increasing brand recognition and opening new doors for the brands across additional institutions, hospitality, event venues, and more. Through targeted PR campaigns and social media efforts, Rebellyous has secured over 26 press hits, and been introduced to over 220 journalists in the past year, solidifying its position as a leader in plant-based foods and expanding its reach and impact. Our social media strategy has resulted in personal connections with the schools serving Rebellyous products, creating collaborative posts and resharing lunch dishes and menus featuring Rebellyous, as well as an above-average engagement rate of 12.9%.

We’ve also had the pleasure of bringing forward the women-led executive team for thought leadership opportunities, including podcasts, awards, and speaking opportunities. For us, the real joy is enjoying tremendous success while savoring our favorite Rebellyous chicken Caesar.