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Proxi’s collaboratve map-making platform builds community

Melinda Haughey came up with the idea for Proxi when she least expected it. During the Halloween of 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, Haughey crowdsourced a map using excel sheets and Google Maps and populated it with the addresses of candy chutes that people had dropped at random across different Facebook groups. The result was an interactive map where people could see all the candy chutes across Seattle neighborhoods. The map quickly went viral and she and long-time best friend and entrepreneur, Chelsey Roney, teamed up to create a more seamless, customizable and beautiful mapping experience, Proxi.

We were excited to partner with Proxi to tell its unique stories in a variety of ways that would generate more visibility and awareness, and support business growth. We positioned Proxi as an innovative solution, building community through map-making and shared experiences, and a must-have mapping tool for many occasions. Travel, shopping guides, weddings, events and so much more.

Our campaign yielded press hits in six national publications, including Fast Company, and nine local media outlets, resulting in a total of 27M + impressions. The press coverage we secured differentiated Proxi from other map-making tools, positioning it as the ‘Canva of Maps’ building community through maps.

Broad-sweeping media introductions for Proxi established a foundation of storytelling that articulated a variety of use cases and user experiences the company brings to map-making. National and local media coverage increased awareness of Proxi, positioned its leaders favorably, and strived to drive traffic to Proxi.co.