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Kids ‘N’ Pets

100’s of mess crises averted  | 20+million impressions | countless #’s of happy parents

For every mess, there’s KIDS ‘N’ PETS

For parents of kids and pets (like most of us), messes become a part of our everyday life.  When we discovered KIDS ‘N’ PETS, we knew we found our match. All-natural, non-toxic and proven-effective to remove even the nastiest of stains and odors, KIDS ‘N’ PETS harnesses the power of enzymes to neutralize and break them down. Strategic campaigns like “For Every Mess” piggybacked by our recommendation for the “mess assessor” and this amazing video by Kort Havens showcase the unique versatility of the product and serve as a platform for media, social media and influencer marketing activation.

Ongoing PR, blogger engagement and seasonal Instagram blitzes to mom and pet influencers effectively create buzz at that perfect moment when everyone’s thinking about clean-up – puppy to potty training, guests arriving, new homes, party-fouls, sweaty clothes, flu season and outside play. Check out a few of these features in Hoosier Homemade, Cool Mom Picks and Rookie Moms. Plus a robust awards program that includes the Women’s Choice Award positions KIDS ‘N’ PETS front and center as a product recommended by 9 out of 10 women customers.