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Johnston Architects Defines the Future of Architecture

In 2020, we partnered with Johnston Architects (JA), an innovative, women-owned architectural firm, to increase national awareness, differentiate them from competitors, highlight their unique culture, and showcase their diverse capabilities beyond traditional architecture. Revolution developed a strategic plan to secure media coverage and build a strong foundation of storytelling and thought leadership.

Revolution’s efforts to date resulted in 75 press hits across architecture, building and design publications, and features in national, local and regional outlets and podcasts, earning over 176.3 million impressions. This extensive media coverage increased JA’s visibility and showcased its breadth of experience, exceptional design and team’s forward-thinking approach to addressing unique project demands. We also highlighted JA’s one-of-a-kind design installations and technology development.

Throughout our ongoing partnership, Revolution positioned JA as an industry leader, shaping trends in project sectors such as libraries, multifamily projects, adaptive reuse, community spaces, and technology. We also had the opportunity to storytell JA’s unique culture and the fact that it is a majority women-owned firm, further distinguishing them in a male-dominated industry.

The invaluable relationships built with reporters throughout our multiyear partnership will continue to yield positive and impactful results for JA, further strengthening its brand and reputation in the industry.