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Dr. Brandith Irwin PR & Social Case Study: Meet Your Skincare Champion

Renowned dermatologist Dr. Brandith Irwin is on a mission to educate people about skin health – becoming a trustworthy beacon in an often misleading industry. To promote Dr. Irwin, her blog, SkinTour.com, and her product line, MadisonMD Skincare, we strategically revived her Instagram account, creating compelling, educational content that drives people to her blog and promotes MadisonMD Skincare products – increasing her following by 266% and consistently growing engagement.

Further building Dr. Irwin’s reputation as an expert and driving traffic to her Instagram, blog and product line, we leveraged relationships with health and beauty reporters to secure 28 national press hits reaching 650.46M+ impressions. Through ongoing collaboration, Dr. Irwin has become a go-to skincare and health expert for several leading beauty and health reporters.

For continued social media management, our team monitors evolving social and skincare trends to create timely content, leveraging Dr. Irwin’s deep medical and skincare knowledge and authentic perspective to showcase her as an honest, reliable industry leader. To grow her account, we prioritize high-quality content and community engagement, consistently interacting with skincare and wellness influencers and creating space for connection through weekly Q&As.

With the support of a combined social media and PR strategy, Revolution has driven blog traffic, increased product sales and established a solid reputation as a trustworthy dermatologist in a notoriously unreliable space.